Mergers & Acquisitions

The purchase and sale of companies, property or other assets is a complex and expensive process which requires consideration of the interests of the buyer and the seller but also of the employees and the financing banks or other lenders. Even though the number of such transactions has increased in the last couple of years any transaction is still a special event which asks for special advice.

The transaction advice does not only consist of the evaluation of the tax risks (“Tax Due Diligence“) or the development of the tax optimized acquisition structure under consideration of the interests of all parties involved but also for instance for the support in contractual („SPA“) and financing issues („Funds Flow“) or the subsequent implementation of the acquisition structure („Post-Closing“).

Besides tax matters of the involved parties there are also financing and accounting issues which must be dealt with in every transaction.

Listed below are some selected issues for the practice area „Mergers & Acquisitions“, which will provide a first overview of our business activities:

  • Acquisition and sale of companies („Asset Deal“ or „Share Deal“)
  • Transactions regarding property
  • Management participations
  • Post-acquisition follow up measures
  • Recapitalizations