Practice Areas

The approach of Hill & Partner is a high tax specialization based on long-time expertise in the areas of

  • International Tax
  • Corporate Tax
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and
  • Private Client.

Accordingly, a wide range of clients require and rely on such a specialization. The client range comprises of nationally and internationally active companies of different sectors and sizes (with or without an own tax department), financial investors, individuals and other advisors (tax advisors, lawyers, M&A advisors etc.) which we support as colleagues.

Besides the tax structuring and tax defence advice of the client we also represent our clients in dealings with the tax authorities or in the negotiations for certain tax issues in agreements. The scope of our respective activities will be determined in accordance with the client and can range from answers to difficult single tax questions to the full responsibility for the projects and issues, from a second opinion to an own developed structure, from advice on the telephone to a comprehensive written opinion.

Because International Tax issues are always related to German tax law as well as to tax law of another state it is absolutely essential for us to have a comprehensive network of foreign tax advisors who can be involved. Even though as German tax advisors we are not allowed to advice on foreign tax issues in detail we have however sound knowledge and extensive resources of basic questions of foreign tax law systems. As a result we are able to provide a first evaluation of the tax situation and of the necessity to involve a foreign tax advisor. Also, the German tax situation should never be lost out of sight.

Due to our focus on certain core areas of tax structuring and tax defence advice we usually do not offer any tax compliance work (accounting and regular tax returns). However, we will be able to recommend reliable tax advisors with whom we work closely if necessary. The same is true for any legal advice and the recommendation or consultation of lawyers.