Hill & Partner

The current tax law is characterized by a multitude of new regulations, decrees and court decisions which are issued at an increasing pace. Additionally, besides German tax law, foreign tax law of another state, bilateral agreements like Double Tax Conventions, supranational law like European Primary and Secondary Law or principles of International Accounting like those of the IFRS must be observed more frequently.

Based on this it is essential to be specialized in certain areas of tax law build on long-time experience and expertise.

This is the origin for the foundation and existence of Hill & Partner:

High specialization based on long-time experience in the areas of International Tax, Corporate Tax, Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Client.

In addition to highest professional quality our clients will always be treated individually.

Due to our entrepreneurial and anticipating mindset we develop target and client orientated solutions which show a high degree of economic knowledge and imaginativeness.

Additionally, we also consider the economic needs of the clients. Therefore, our work will be performed efficiently, timely and consciously of the costs.